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Alappuzha is bordered by Pattanamtitta and Kottayam districts on east, Kollam district on south,Eranakulam district on north and the Arabian Sea on west.

Alleppey Coastal Plains are formed of Quaternary sediments. A series of dunes and ridges marking the repeated regressional and transgressional events characterize this coastal plain. Soil of the area belongs to the great group of Tropopsamments - Tropofluvents, commonly called Coastal Alluvium. Major water bearing formations are Tertiary sedimentary formations and weathered and fractured crystalline formations. The land form possesses ridge and swale topography formed in the late Quaternary geologic period.

Soon after Alappuzha was developed as a port by the Diwan Raja Kesavadas, the town started functioning as the main commercial centre of the state of Travancore. Export flourished from the port. Spices like pepper were the main export items. Thachil Matthoo Tharakan, a close confidante of the Diwan, pioneered the export of timber. Domestic trade was also active. Many traders from Gujarat came and settled down here to do trading, leading to the presence even now of a Gujarati community in the town. Alappuzha is a centre for coir industries. Later coir (different kinds of rope made from coconut fibre) became a major product of the town, both for local and world markets.
Public Transport Boat service in KeralaAlappuzha is now the hub for backwater tourism in Kerala. House boats locally called "Kettuvallam" are available on hire on a daily basis as well as for longer durations to take visitors on the old waterways. These house boats in general have 2 bedrooms and attached bathrooms. Some of the boats have the bedrooms fitted with air conditioners. A routine trip includes food cooked on board in the traditional Kuttanad style. Alappuzha is unique in that it is the only district in Kerala without forest.
House Boat, Punnamada Backwaters, AlappuzhaThe main cultural and spiritual events of Alappuzha are Chambakkulam Moolam boat race, Chettikulangara Bharani and Nehru Trophy boat race.
The picturesque CSI Christ Church in Alappuzha town was built in 1818 by the first CMS (Church Missionary Society) missionary to the erstwhile state of Travancore, Rev. Thomas Norton. It was the first Anglican Church to be established in Travancore.







alleppeybeach   Alleppey Beach

This is one of the most popular picnic spots in Alappuzha. The pier, which extends into the sea here, is over 137 years old. Entertainment facilities at the Vijaya beach park add to the attractions of the beach. There is also an old lighthouse which is greatly fascination to visitors
kuttanadu   Kuttanadu

Kuttanad, is called the rice bowl of Kerala because of its wealth of paddy crops. It lies at the very heart of the backwaters. The scenic countryside of Kuttanad with its shimmering waterways also has a rich crop of banana, cassava and yam. This perhaps the only region in the worked where farming is done 1.5 to 2 ms. below sea level. Inland waterways which flow above land level are an amazing feature of this region.
pathiramanal   Pathiramanal

Pathiramanal is a small island located on the border of Kottayam - Alapuzha Districts in Kerala, India. The name 'Pathiramanal' means 'Sands of night'. The scenic beauty of both sides of the lake as well as that of the island is mind blowing. It is home to many rare varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the world.
karumadi   Karumadi

Close to the Ambalappuzha. the village of Karumadi is famous for its Karumadi Kuttan, a black granite figure of Buddha said to belong to the 9th or 10th century
ambalappuzha   Ambalappuzha

The Sri Krishna Temple at Ambalapuzha, 14 kms from Alleppey is among Kerala's more famous ones boasting of the typical temple architectural style of the state. It is equally famed for its palpayasam - a sweet milk porridge offered to the diety. The temple's main festival occurs in March/April. It was in this temple that the 16th century poet Kunjan Nambiar staged his first Ottan Thullal, a solo dance performance with high social content.
chavara bhavan   Chavara Bhavan

Chavara Bhavan (6 kms. from Alappuzha, accessible only by boat) is the ancestral home of the blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara. It is now a holy shrine and spiritual resort where thousands of devotees gather for prayer, receive favours and feel amply gratified. Here, a 250 year old historically important beacon of light is preserved intact in its original and primitive form.
edathua church   Edathua Church

Situated 24 kms. away from Alappuzha, on the Alappuzha - Thiruvalla Road. Established in 1810, the church is dedicated to St. George. It is believed that prayers and offerings at this church help to heal all mental disorders and other ailments. During the annual feast (5th, 6th, 7th of May) pilgrims from all parts of South India, irrespective of caste and creed, visit the church and seek the blessings of the saint
arthunkal   Arthunkal

2 kms. north of Alappuzha, the St. Sebastian's Church is an important Christian pilgrim centre. Annual festival - Arthunkal Perunnal - the feast of the patron saint. (January).
mannarasala   Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

32 kms. south of Alappuzha situated near Harippad, this is a serpent shrine under the patronage of a 'Brahman' family, headed by a priestess. The ancient shrine is an internationally renowned pilgrim centre dedicated to the Serpent God Nagaraja. Sarpa Yakshi and Naga Yakshi are the beloved consorts of Nagaraja. It is believed that Nagaraja as the installed deity is endowed with the form of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and the spirit of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that the first priestess of Mannarasala gave birth to a five-headed snake, which is believed to reside in the ancestral house to safeguard the family. At Mannarasala barren women are believed to be blessed with children and a special turmeric paste available at the shrine is credited with powers to cure even leprosy.
chettikulangara bhagavathy   Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple

The Kettukazhcha festival at this temple draws large crowds of devotees. Processions of all decorated structures on chariots, brightly decorated effigies of horses and bullocks and cultural performances make a spectacular pageant. (Festival - February / March).

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